Free P6 Comparison Report

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What gets compared?

  • Milestone Comparison
  • Critical Path Progress
  • Added Relationships
  • Deleted Relationships
  • Modified Relationships
  • Started/Finished
  • Removed Progress
  • Scheduled to Start/Finish but did not
  • Activities Riding the Data Date (Plus)
  • Actual Dates Prior to Progress Period (Plus)
  • Added Activities
  • Deleted Activities
  • Duration Changes
  • Expected Finish Changes
  • Calendar Changes
  • Constraint Changes
  • Description Changes
  • Activity Type Changes
  • Finish-Start Relationships with Positive Lag
  • No Predecessors
  • No Successors
  • In-Progress and RD > OD
  • In Progress where RD = 0 & No Actual Finish
  • 100% Complete with no Actual Finish
  • In Progress where RD = OD
  • Duplicate Descriptions (Plus)
  • Expired Expected Finish Date (Plus)
  • Actual Dates After Data Date (Plus)

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Chris A.
Chris A.
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Your system seems to be one of the best that I've seen.
Seyar A.
Seyar A.
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I love your comparison tool. Thanks for making such a great tool.
Gana V.
Gana V.
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Your schedule comparison report tool is one of the best for free service.
Bian T.
Bian T.
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This is simply awesome! Our team has been using Schedule Comparison and it is slow, prevents user from doing concurrent work in P6, and the .csv output is difficult to navigate. Yours is a breeze and the quality checks are really useful.
Brent C.
Brent C.
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There isn't anything that I don't like about the report